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Mui's Juen Ma WC at the WC Kung Fu Academy
Augustine Fong's Yip Man WC under Randy Williams
Henry Leung's Fut Sao WC under Santo Barbalace
Mui's Juen Ma WC under Julio Veliz

Accepted by ceremony in the traditional Kulo village
Pin Sun WC of Dr. Leung Jan under Mui Wai Hun as taught
by the Fung family

Yik Kam WC Snake Qi and meditation under Hendrik Santo

Yi Quan and Soft Qi Gong under Donald Wong
Jook Lum Southern Mantis Kung Fu under Roger Hagood

Traveled to Madrid, Spain and Los Angeles, CA.
to assist in CRC WC video series

Traveled to London, England to teach at the UK Futshan WC Association

Co-founder of the Expand Your Horizons seminar series with Guru Jason Silverman

Articles published in Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts of China Journal,
Martial Arts Illustrated, WC Today and contributions to various WC
related web sites

Founded the Leung Jan Research Institute for the research into Kulo
Pai and Wing Chun Arts

Instructor at Mui's Martial Art Academy

Founder of Apricot Forest Hall

*Currently only practicing and preserving the Pin Sun Wing Chun Art
and Soft Qi Gong (Yik Kam and Yi Quan)

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AFH Image AFH ImageAFH ImageAFH ImageWing Chun Boxing from Kulo Village, Guangdong, China

Sixth Generation Disciple

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