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Master Fung Chiu

"4th Generation Pin Sun Wing Chun Sifu"

Jim Roselando, Jr.

In the Wing Chun Pai of Kulo village, there was a time when an
exceptionally skilled 4th Generation master Sifu left his home village
and eventually relocated to Hong Kong (via Canton).  His name was,
Fung Chiu (Feng Ju).  Fung Chiu Sifu was one of the premier Pin Sun
Wing Chun experts of the 4th generation.  Fung Chiu Sifu was the
nephew of Master Fung Chun who was a 3rd generation practitioner of
Master Leung Jan's art.  Fung Chun still lives in Kulo as of this writing.

Master Fung Chiu in Canton

Shortly before relocating to Hong Kong, Fung Chiu Sifu spent some time
in Canton.  This was just after his Uncle (Fung Chun) left Kulo for
Canton.  During his time in Canton the 4th Generation master met with
other native villagers who were in Canton practicing his families (Leung Jan's)
boxing art.  In recent years an article was written in the Wu Lin
magazine discussing Master Fung Chiu's arrival in Canton and exchange
of knowledge with certain natives of Kulo.  While Fung Chiu Sifu did
exchange some knowledge during his time in Canton it is said he never
took on any formal pupils.

Master Fung Chiu was first and foremost a fighter.  His size was a bit
different from the normal Kulo native.  He had a taller athletic
frame where the average person was of smaller build.  Fung Chiu Sifu
was not much into idle martial Chit Chat. A famous quote from this
master sums up his feelings; "Everyone has the Talk!  Show me what you
can do!"  Fung Chiu Sifu's
core focus was whole body Chuk Geng via the 3
gates with proper body positioning to maximize offensive and defensive

In Canton there was a park where local Martial artists would go to
test their skill. Practitioners from many disciplines would show up for
Gong Sao.  Lung Ying, Bak Mei, Choy Li Fut etc.  Fung Chiu Sifu would
arrive early to the park and except all challengers.  During this time
Fung Chiu Sifu was said to have defeated all challengers with ease.
His skill and confidence were so high that he was quoted for saying;
"If you have any seniors looking to test their skill send them back!"

Master Fung Chiu in Hong Kong

In the early 1960's Master Fung Chiu relocated from Canton to Hong
Kong.  It is interesting to note that this was the same time, and
re-locating pattern as his Uncle/Sifu Master Fung Chun.  Shortly after
he arrived in Hong Kong his reputation already was spreading.  For it
was Mr. Mui Wai Hun's own school teacher (A pupil of Jiu Wan) who had
mentioned to his students that an outstanding Kung Fu master has come
to Hong Kong from Leung Jan's home village.  Mr. Mui's teacher told
him, "If you can learn a little bit of this man's Kung Fu skill you
will have a lot".

Training with Fung Chiu Sifu would not be easy.  This master Sifu was
very traditional and taught in the traditional way.  The school was
open for many hours but what and when you were to learn something was
solely depending on what he wanted to give you.  In reality,  it
depended on the student and his mood!  According to Mr. Mui, the
average person would be lucky to get a couple of moves per year.  Mr.
Mui mentions this about his Sifu, "Fung Chiu wanted respect for his
art and his skill."  If you were smart you would train and not question

Master Fung Chiu's early years in Hong Kong were his most special
according to Mr. Mui.  It was during this time that he was most active
in his Wing Chun teaching.  Mr. Mui states that the bulk of his
training was the first 4 years when his Sifu first started teaching.
The last 3 years were not as intense as the early years as his Sifu
would be more involved with private affairs and less with his school.

Transmission of Skill

Even though Fung Chiu Sifu had a public school, it was not in the
Kwoon that he would transmit his art to Mui Wai Hun, Sifu.  Mui Sifu
was the son of the number one ranked (at that time) Left Wing volley
ball player in China.  Similar in height and athletic build to his
Sifu, was it fate that these two would develop a close relationship
that would allow a non Kulo native or Family member to learn their
closely guarded art?  Mr. Mui considers himself lucky to be in the
right place at the right time.  Of the 4th generation Pin Sun Wing
Chun master's stories it was said that, 'Sifu Fung Daat inside Kulo
and Sifu Fung Chiu outside!'

Fung Chiu's nephew was Mui Sifu's training partner early on in his
career.  Although Fung Chiu's nephew did not continue with his
training, Mui Sifu never stopped.  After his foundation and relationship
was built, it was Fung Chiu who would call Mui Sifu up and say, "Hey,
you want to go play some sticky hands?"  Mui Sifu told me that this
was the most valuable time he spent with his master.  They would go to
the local park and practice for 2-3 hours.  It was this one on one
hands on time with Master Fung Chiu that Mui Sifu would be schooled in
the fine details of his master's boxing system - fist and pole techniques!

While the Shanghai St. School was open for a number of years, it is
said that not many people were schooled in his art.  Fung Chiu Sifu
was teaching elements of his art privately.  Many wealthy people hired
Master Fung Chiu to school their children and for personal protection.
It was not in the class room that most of his skill was transmitted
but rather in more Intimate ways.  Mui Sifu continues to respect the
teaching of his master and has shared his art with only a select few.
It was the wishes of Master Fung Chiu!  Master Fung Chiu, passed away
a number of years ago from a terrible sickness and is now buried in
his hometown of Kulo village.

James Roselando, Jr.  2007