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Wing Chun Poem
Sifu Fung Sang, Hong Kong
Leung Jan, 4th Generation

Although Wing Chun is rare,
and easy to learn, it is mastered only with strong will.

Practicing it often will change you,
Siu Lin Tau, Som Bai Fut, Dai Lin Tau.

Som Gin Choi drops to defend the incoming foot.

Wu Dip, Seung Lung, Fu Mei Choi,
Biu Jee and Lan Kiu are ferocious.

Hok Bong counters Jit Jee Kum Kiu,
While Wan Wun Yiu and Biu Jee rescue from danger.

The short bridge attack has to stick closely to the body,
And Fook Fu is the final level.

Only a few will ever achieve great skill!

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