This site is dedicated to my Sigung, Master Fung Chiu, and my Sifu,
Mui Wai Hun.  Without their special relationship and generosity
this would never had happened!  For the past 100 years the Fung family
have meticulously preserved the boxing of the King of Wing Chun and
his heir, Master Wong Wah Sam.  It is an honor to study their special
art.  Respect to Kulo Pai!

I would also like to thank Sigung Cho Hung Choi, Sifu Hendrik Santo,
Sifu Donald Wong, Sifu Santo Barbalace and Sifu Roger Hagood.  These
outstanding Sifu's have all helped me tremendously!  These men are
exceptional and certainly representative of deep Kung Fu and Mo Duk. 
Extra thanks to Sifu Roger Hagood for all his friendship and
wonderful work developing this site! 
And many thanks to Jeff for his translations of the Chinese texts!

To all my training partners and friends, thanks for all the time,
sweat, chat's and laughs!  Our Kung Fu has more than anything, brought
some nice people from all over the world together!

     Yours truly,  Jim Rosleando, Jr.

Sifu Mui Wai Hun (R), Jim Roselando


*This site contains research on Wing Chun pai.  Search and prove all things for yourself!

  Wing Chun Boxing from Kulo Village, Guangdong, China

Apricot Forest Hall

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