The Original Hang Chai Tong
(aka Jan San Tong)
Fai Jee St, Futshan, Guangdong

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Wing Chun Boxing from Kulo Village, Guangdong, China
Apricot Forest Hall

A number of years ago, Leung Ting Sifu
made a trip to Kulo village to visit and
interview Master Fung Chun for his 'Roots 
and  Branches' of Wing Chun book.  During
the interview a discussion occurred
about the name of Dr. Leung Jan's clinic
on Fai Jee St, in Futshan.  What is most
commonly referred to as Jan San Tong,
(Mr. Jan's Hall) by many, was said
to be inaccurate by Master Fung Chun. 
When questioned about the name of his
Sigung's Tong, Fung Sifu insisted it was
Hang Chai Tong (Apricot "Save People" Hall). 
Fung Sifu mentioned that, Dr. Leung Jan
desired to help and heal as many people as
the great doctor Wu Tung Feng did during the
periods of the Three Kingdoms (220-265 AD).

We honor the great master, Leung Jan's, Kulo Village Pin Sun* (Side Body) Wing Chun Art and history on this site, and it should be known that the name for our club was taken out of respect for both his teaching and honorable ways in life.  We also hope that the technology of our Soft Qigong will bring a great many people inner strength.  Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation) is the foundation of all internal martial art and it's wonders never cease to amaze those who are faithful to the practice!


The soft internal system of Pin Sun Wing Chun is known for its
relatively simple training, Chuk Geng cultivation and its highly
effective application.  Master Leung Jan taught the famed 12 Fists to
Wong Wah Sam Sifu, who then passed his skills to the Fung family who preserve his hand and art.  Master Mui Wai Hun has shared the special art he learned from 4th Generation Master Fung Chiu with us.
This site will be devoted to the art and teaching of Master Mui Wai Hun and Si Gung Fung Chiu.

Inside the doors of this site you will find information regarding the
art of Pin Sun Kung Fu.  Historical articles, lineage, design and
basic concepts.  The Kulo eBook will also be coming.  It will
provide an in-depth interview with 3rd Generation Lineage Holder, Fung Chun, a grand-student of Master Leung Jan.  Hear what the 'Jung Moon' has to say about his art and also see the place where it all started!  Kulo Village!


The Soft Qi Gong of our club has its root in two main platforms.  Yik
Kam (snake body) and Yi Quan (mind boxing).  Yi Quan, a mind / body / breath simple holistic system, is a combination of still and moving Zheng Qi  (true or proper qi) cultivation exercises - the art
of awareness and wholesome force - extremely simple but providing deep results! 

Holistic training and natural body dynamics are the signatures of this system.  Grandmaster Wang Xiang Zhai openly shared this system and many people have found its powerful and natural cultivation methods to be extremely effective for the modern lifestyle - minimum effort with maximum results!  Yi Quan is the art of nourishing life and is openly shared with all.

The snake body qigong of Yik Kam comes from the Cho family of Wing Chun.  It is the ancestral soft qi of the Wing Chun art.  Snake Body is a Zheng Qi base system.  The true qi and orbiting body dynamics of this family are designed to return the body to a natural state (resonance).  The Hsin Fa (mind) & Sum Fa (heart) methods of this art were passed from Master Cho Hung Choi to Hendrik Santo Sifu.  These methods have been fused in the soft qi gong training of our Zhan Zhuang course.

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