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"All sorts of strengths originate in the void and nothingness,
which can only be felt gradually by the tiny edges
and corners of the body"

"Seek fullness of spirit and mind,
and not resemblance of form", "posture is changing
with mind movement, form is simple and intention rich"

Soft qigong is an extremely powerful tool for bringing out ones
natural human potential and optimal fitness.  Physical health and
mental well being are a direct result of the practice.  The core of our
training is snake body 'Zhan Zhuang' (standing post).  It is designed
to activate the 'Zheng Qi' (true or proper qi)!  The effects of this
training are rapid with deep therapeutic results producing a unified and balanced 'mind, body and breath'.

Soft qigong exercises are rooted in a trip towards the stillness or
'wuji' (limitless) state of mind.  Most commonly referred to as the 'now or real time' in meditative traditions.  This training is not a study, or
collection of techniques, but, rather a journey into the boundless
realm of 'awareness' -  mental, physical and breath (spirit) awareness.  The road to the natural state is a study of self
and nature in which training of the 'Yi' is stressed!

Soft qigong is also a study in natural body dynamics.  We
constantly strive to seek balance, the development of wholesome force and coordination - signatures of this training.  Along with the
still exercises (zhan zhuang) those who practice soft qigong will
also train moving exercises.  These still and moving exercises are simple and can be practiced by anyone!  They are effortless and natural.

Our Chinese Power Standing is Yoga, Taiji and meditation all in one simple posture!  If you are looking for results look no further!  This training requires ¼ of the time one would need to attain similar results in most other forms of fitness.  20 minute power sessions!  Perfect for the modern lifestyle! 

Soft qigong is the gift that keeps on giving!  Treat your body to some of the most effective training known to humanity.  'Sink the Qi' and 'Raise the Spirit' with Soft Qi Gong!

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Quotes from
Grandmaster Wang Xiang Zhai