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Our next project is the number one secret you can use to explode and energize any martial art - a three year course in soft qigong - the universal standing post.   Entitled 'The Art of Power Standing', this program will reveal to you three years of instruction in Energy, Dynamics and Meditation!

Soft Qigong has three core components.   Physical conditioning, Breath conditioning and most importantly, Mind conditioning - producing energy, dynamics and meditation.  Soft Qigong training is essentially, Chinese Power Yoga!  The King of all Exercise, and Father of all Internal Kung Fu, is the art of Zhan Zhuang
(standing post). 

Master Wang Xiang Zhai developed an extremely refined and powerful system of Standing Post Exercise for medical health and boxing.  Both are rooted in the Universal Post training! 

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Our training consists of a core power session of daily exercise.  Twenty-minute power sessions will bring deep results with minimal effort.  This extremely powerful training will take the practitioner on a constant progression of internal health, dynamics and power while preparing the body for more advanced aspects of training! 

The natural alignment process of Standing Post is second to none.  The deep effects of the dynamics will cultivate wholesome power and physical equilibrium.  The Mind and Breath methods will cultivate Zheng Qi (true chi) and continue the body on a non-stop study of self and nature.  The development only stops if you stop!   These attributes and qualities cannot be reproduced artificially.  They must take form naturally over time from proper daily exercise. Our training system has No Forms or wasted actions.  If you are looking for fluff, then this training is not for you!  If you are looking for results, then look no further!   

Each level of training is one year.  A personal training program is designed for proper and progressive growth.   The three years of training will cultivate Internal Power, Wholesome Force and True Chi.  Standing Post exercise is regarded as Rou Jing (within soft carry hard).  The training is very specific, and all those who have followed our course have developed properly!   We are so confident in this training system, and its results, that we believe it is pound for pound the most powerful you will ever find!  One would have to invest three times the training time to get the results of our Standing Post exercise.

If you currently train a martial art that has no Qigong aspects then this is the course for you. Formless, and Core, our training will effortlessly build the right stuff without creating odd habits. If you currently train some form of internal art, or yoga system, then we say test our training for 2 weeks.  Pound for pound we are the simplest and most effective known to humanity.  With our Universal Post training course you will experience the process and conditioning of this one time secret training.  Develop your optimal fitness and internal health with our training program!  

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will take the practitioner on a powerful year of training with the Universal Post. Developing good strength, balance and basic meditative awareness skills. Level One is the most important year of training in this internal art.

continues to build the mind, body and breath equilibrium with new variations of the Universal Post. It takes two years of faithful practice to prep the body for the higher aspect of Zheng Qi cultivation. Level Two will build and complete the strong foundation of internal training.

is a study in the famed 8 Posts of Master Wang. These 8 Posts will nourish the upper meridians with the Qi you have cultivated over year one and two. The Lower Meridians will also be cultivated and open with one simple exercise! These two aspects of Master Wang's medical Yi Quan (mind boxing) will develop a very strong and healthy body.